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This board contains all rules and major announcements for the forum.
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1) Regarding Profanity

We try to keep the boards on a PG-13 level. So please, don't curse or try to trick the word censor (using 5=S, !=1, etc.). Letting the occasional word slip out is one thing, but if you start swearing too much--or do so in your sig--then it's a major problem. Even if you slip up now and then, please consider that there are younger viewers who see the boards.

2) No Piracy

Yes we know what ROMs and ISOs are. But don't post here looking or advertising for where to find them. The board and LunarNET do not support piracy and, as such, will not help you to pirate games.

3) No Extremely Graphic Content

Anything that wouldn't go in a PG-13 movie won't go here. This mainly refers to sexual content, but can also extend into extreme violence.

This mostly applies also to pictures, but can also refer to text--depending on how graphic it is. Sexually explicit photos are pretty clear, and any posts vividly describing sexual acts will not be allowed. Also be cautious about posting any extremely visceral images--sure if you post your GTA3 screenshots that's one thing, but if you put up an image of someone getting torn limb from limb that will probably cause problems.

It's best to use your own judgment in this case, and just take into consideration that you are not the youngest person to visit these forums. If you unintentionally make a mistake here, though, we'll let you know but won't hold it against you (in other words, we won't warn you unless we know you're intentionally posting something knowing that it violates the rules).

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