I'm such a cheater.....

For discussion of Lunar: Dragon Song (Lunar: Genesis), the only Lunar game on the DS
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I'm such a cheater.....

Postby AlexHiro4 » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:25 pm

When I first got Lunar DS a couple of years ago I was really disgusted by some things. I was really anoyed with having to switch between modes to either get items (so you could in turn, get silver) or get Althena Conduct (so you can gain levels). I was also hated losing life by holding down the run button. Early in the game keeping high HP is more of a necessity, so I was always worried when I ran. I still wanted to see what the story is like though. I'm usually very anti-code and anti-walkthrough (I like to figure a game out the first time through, after that a guide is okay), but yesterday I felt the need to finally cheat....I used an Action Replay. I only used two codes, but they were really good ones: 1) Level 99 after one battle and 2) Max Silver. Both of these codes fixed my complaints, but I still feel guilty. Do you guys think I can legitimately justify using these codes or am I just a crappy gamer?
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Re: I'm such a cheater.....

Postby Sadrin » Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:25 pm

Nah... I don't think your a crappy gamer! I tend to beat the game once or twice and then on the 3rd use cheats, mostly so I can get places you shouldn't. I tend to only use walkthrough walls codes. Speaking of that... for DS I would use Max silver and the walkthrough walls codes. Being level 99 doesnt make it easy. Monsters level up with you... maybe they cap off at somepoint. DS maps are rather simple... as long as you run straight to the corners, you'll find the exit. You can get through DS within 2-3 hours without any battles.
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