Lunar fan from old-time

For discussion of Lunar: The Silver Star, the original game for the Sega CD
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Lunar fan from old-time

Postby VidKid369 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:28 am

Hey, you, guys! It's me VidKid369! I used to post at the old-time Althena's Court Online, back when America Online (AOL) was made or mainly popular! I used to visit you guys everyday at the board almost all the time! I made, I thought, I felt I ended up making a lot of friends there! We mainly RP'ed/or, role-played a lot of the characters and it was super fun with all the colored account profiles and rolling dice and things of that nature. I was still very, fairly young at that point in time so most of my RP's mainly involved me going into a "Black Raven's Guild ~Pub" and going up to the barkeep's countertop-side and ordering a glass of milk and sitting at a nearby barrel that was next to the wall! Haha, old-times! But, anyway, that's besides the point. I just mainly wanted to say, "hi", again, and to bring up the subject of Lunar.

I remember it was back in Middle School where I first got the Internet, and I somehow, randomly started to search for the subject or the topic of, "Videogames", in the Forums search feature and I made my way to the Antagonists forums where a lot of people, kids, and posters mainly conglomerated or hanged out, or just plain hung out there together! I just thought they were all busy-bodies, though! Haha. There was also another forum that was linked to there called the Moogle Caverns, but, I wasn't that totally interested in it, really. But, I searched through the forums and I found my way to ACO (or, "Althena's Court Online"), where a lot of the Lunar fans and fanatics mainly hung out. I wasn't that too into the game I thought it was really long but I ended up going online, and signing online much mainly pretty much everyday and saying "hi" to all of y'all and it was really a pleasant experience for or from my part. Just talking to you guys made me love the game that much more!

I think a few of you all helped me with LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete. I had a ton of questions and I'd ask you guys on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), sometimes! You all were really quite helpful in that department in that regard! I didn't know if I was being annoying but I asked anyway, - Haha!

Anyway, to make the long story short. I was told that I should get Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega Cd. It was really hard for me to find one in real life. I ended up finding this one website called something like, "VideoGameTradez", where you could trade game-for-game and I had traded Final Fantasy III Complete-In-Box-Perfectly-Mint-Condition for a same, like-wise Lunar: The Silver Star for the Sega Cd. The bro I had talked to was really nice as we had only wanted perfect, mint-conditions of each one of the games we had wanted. Anyway, I received the game in the UPS/USPS about a week or so later. I didn't know that you had to have a Sega Cd in order to play the game, and since I didn't have one yet, my Mother/My Mom and I had to go videogame console hunting for yet another piece of paraphernalia I had wanted. Since I couldn't play the game, I just popped it into my CD Player which was a blue Discman that was flat and I just mainly, "played", the game that way!

I ended up moving to a new High School the following summer of that year around (This was in the year 1999.) and there I had found a shop that sold videogames that were really old called, "Game Crazy". I saw that they had a Sega Cd I think it was Model-Type-1 on display so I urged my Mom to go buy me one. We bought it. I ended up talking to some of the sales associates since they were always seen busily cleaning and repairing the old consoles/machines, but, when I brought it home, I plugged it in and it exploded so I returned it but they had a crazy return policy where they won't refund your money back with cash but they did ended up giving me two Sega Saturn Games. I think it was Nights... Into Dreams and Guardian Heroes or something like that. Maybe it was Nightwarriors/Darkstalkers Revenge. So, I ended up still having to wait to play Lunar.

I had forgotten about this endeavor.

Fast-forward to the year 2011. I had just gotten out of the hospital they told me I had food poisoning and I was browsing online and saw that they had a Sega Cd Model 2 for used at around $80.00, American. I quickly bought it since I had forgotten about this endeavor and that I was wanting to play this game. It arrived in the Post Office and the box was too big to be delivered to My Parents' House at the time so I had to go walk there to get it or to retrieve it myself. It was an endeavor, or - It was a hassle. I popped in, - I quickly popped in Lunar which was sitting in my collection for years and it worked and I played it. I also ended up buying Lunar 2 for the Sega Cd and I played it too as well but I'll talk about that elsewhere since it's off topic for this sub-forum.

Anyway, I just mainly wanted to say, "hi", again and that yes I have finally gotten to play Lunar for the Sega Cd after so many years of wanting to, finally! Fast-forward to now.

Well, the Sega-Cd-Model-Type 2 ended acting up so it started to not work again anymore. I couldn't really play Lunar. It's been about 6 years since I've played it.

I ended up moving with My Parents elsewhere and here I have an Uncle I've never met before who's really solidly into construction or electronics or something and I had asked my Dad to ask him over the dinner table to if he can please fix the Sega Cd. He said he'll take a look at it and over the past weekend or something I watched him as he took a look at it.

I showed it to him and he said, "[He'd] never seen anything like that before." He thought it was mostly just dust at first. We have transformers here because the electricity is a lot more stronger but he said he'll look at it again over the weekend when if he had time. So I waited. And, waited. And waited. He finally got around to fixing it. Do you all know what the problem was? It was the ends of the wires that were loose and cut up on the inside of the plastic that was holding it in together in place. He opened it up with my permission. He ended up soldering the ends-pieces together and he used a glue gun to make a new end-piece to where you stick it into the actual machine. And he used electrical tape to hold it in together even more. It worked on his tester T.V. so we tried it on my T.V. and after fidgeting with the wires it ended up working brand as spanking new! I'm currently playing Lunar: The Silver Star right now, too! I just arrived in Meribia.

Anyway, I tried to make that as short as possible but I hope you all enjoyed the story. I just wanted to say, "hi", again and tell you all that I'm still playing Lunar. I'm on my second run of the first game right now and I just got the Flame spell for Alex and I'm just about to make it down into the sewers. Haha!

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Re: Lunar fan from old-time

Postby Shinto-Cetra » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:42 pm

Wow that is a crazy story. Reminds me of the two times I lost my Shining Force III save data, but still persevered and beat it. I admire you're dedication, TSS is the best Lunar game IMO. I wish you luck in finishing it, now that you have all those technical difficulties ironed out.

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Re: Lunar fan from old-time

Postby VidKid369 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:03 am

Hey! Thanks! :)

There's more to the story actually. When my Uncle took a look at the videogame console for the first time. He started to like, lick the ends of the points of the wires and I just thought that was really funny because he didn't have all his tools at the moment. I was just watching him and observing really carefully because obviously I really like my videogames and consoles. So, that was the first night. He said that here the electricity is a lot stronger so it's difficult for the adaptors to really process them without having the actual game machine explode or something like that, summat, etc. Anyway, he left it as it was for the time being and he said he'd take a look at it over the weekend.

So, the weekend rolls around and I see him with a T.V. set up outside and he's playing with the Sega Cd.

I dunno if you guys really care but I wrote down the information:

MODEL No.: MK-4102
Serial No.: T30361486

He does a few things to it like he told me that the wires were loose and kind-of-a ripped up so he took it apart and he cut it shorter and he just made a new end piece (where the hard, plastic thing was) with just electrical tape and I think he used a glue gun in the process of fixing it. He also took apart the Sega CD and he cleaned off the dust for me, and he also tried to fix the eject button since it was giving me trouble and not really sticking close when I want it to.

So, it ended up working. I saw the red light blink on for a few times and I got really excited. It's been such a long time since I played with it.

So, now I'm just waiting for the construction workers to finish up what they're doing outside, since they're helping us build a new, extended kitchen or something like that, and I can't play my Sega Cd without them being here because whenever they use the electricity for their tools and gadgets, it's eating up my electricity in my room so I can't play my Sega CD, really.

I'm still stuck right after Meribia, I think I have to go to Vane.

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Re: Lunar fan from old-time

Postby Alunissage » Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:59 pm

Wow, that is quite a story. I'm so glad you eventually have gotten to play! I hope it's as magical for you as it was when I first played it.

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Re: Lunar fan from old-time

Postby Zero » Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:48 pm

Interesting story. I would like to own the Sega CD version of Lunar one day. I've always had SSSC on PlayStation. The day I actually buy a Sega CD, though, Lunar will be my first game.
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Re: Lunar fan from old-time

Postby VidKid369 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:56 pm

Thanks for the replies, guys! Here's a small, short update on what's going on with me and my Sega Cd right now. Pretty much, I got all the way past the Meribian Sewers and I beat the boss there and everything and then Ramus left the party. I joined up with Nash on Black Rose Street and he said we should make our way to Vane, - Which's where I am right now currently in the story. So I put the game down, or I set it aside for the time being. I went back to play it and for some reason the picture wasn't showing up when I turned the console on! I freaked out for a little bit because Lunar's definitely one of my favorite games, I've been in a kinda of a bad mood ever since this has happened. So, I told my Dad and my Dad talked to my Uncle again and he said he'd take a look at it. They're busy building a new kitchen for us so my Uncle hasn't been able to take a look at it lately. It's been a week or so since that happened. I've been in a super bad, bad, ill mood ever since it happened and I think it's because of the Sega Cd and I haven't been able to play Lunar.

So, earlier tonight, I was outside having a break for myself during the day just thinking to myself about nothing and all of a sudden I see my Uncle comes stumbling back home, he lives somewhere in a old, kinda of a ghetto house on our property, - It's kind of a big lot, sort of a to me, I think. Anyways. He goes to the motorbike and fidgets with it and he kind of a leaves. Then, I go to sit in a chair near the outside of our kitchen near where we park our car and he comes back. I told him his cigarettes were on the table which we bought for him, my Cousin and I, earlier during the evening. He told me, "Thanks!" and he leaves again and he kind of a talks to himself for a little bit. He sits down next to me on a few of our benches outside, and he mumbles to me that he took a few shots of a bottle of liquor he and his co-workers had earlier, and I was just like, "Uh, yeah! Of course." Or, just something to that effect. Anyway. I was in a super bad mood, and I didn't know why yet, though. Anyways. He randomly starts to talk to me, about the Sega Cd, and how he hasn't had time to fix it or to take a good look at it again yet. I'm surprised because he doesn't really talk to me that much because ever since we moved here, his Wife/My Auntie told me that he's a little bit shy into talking to or with me because I speak English and he doesn't really speak English all that much or none at all I told her that was ok with me and that he shouldn't worry because I understand their language.

He says or he asks me if I've been able to play the Sega Cd and I told him "No, not yet, because it's not really working, again." He asks me if he can take a look at it later. I told him, "Sure!" He says, something like, "Sorry, I haven't had time to look at it because we're all really busy building the new, extended kitchen!" I told him, "It was okay!" So, we're waiting for my Cousin to finish taking a shower because we were going to watch an episode of a reality T.V. show I am really into. He finishes. My Uncle finishes his cigarette, and we all three go into my room to check out the Sega Cd a little bit.

I told him the power adaptors, both of them, both the Sega Genesis and the Sega Cd both work and both of the red lights turn on and even the Sega Cd one is blinking on sometimes. But, there's no picture when I turn on the console. He says it's working, the console, so there has to be something wrong with either the Audio/Video cable... Or, there's just something wrong with the electricity because he said he recently changed the transformers or something like that, summat. Anyways, ... This really put me in a good mood because at least my Sega Cd might hopefully be fixed soon and I can get a chance to play Lunar some more. He says, "[He's] been trying to find another wire cable end just like the one for the Audio/Video but he can't find it." He starts to play around with it, like both of the adaptor wires, and then the Audio/Video wire. He says there's two things that can be wrong with it, 1) Either the Audio/Video wire is just messed up and he'll take it apart and he'll take another look at it. Or, ... 2) The electricity is a little too strong here compared to the U.S. and he'll maybe get my Dad to get a transformer that can change or better equip, that. I guess.

Anyway. That was just a short, little update on what's going on with me and my Sega Cd, and Lunar, so far. I can't wait to find out if he can really fix it, again. I mean, he did it already at first, so hopefully, he'll be able to do it, again! :)

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