looking for a script

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looking for a script

Postby sylanthir » Mon Sep 26, 2005 7:35 am

hey guys, I'm looking for the transcript of Laikes farewell to Alex in the epilogue, was wondering if anyone knew of any sites with a complete script. Thanks for your time guys
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Postby Alunissage » Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:03 pm

Wrong board, that's SSSC only -- there's no epilogue in TSS. That said, I don't know of one, but if anyone has an endgame save maybe they can check. Actually, most of it seems to be in the SSSC screenshot collection: http://www.lunar-net.com/sssc/screens/screens49.php

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Postby Zaya » Tue Sep 27, 2005 5:47 am

I could check it out for you if you want.

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Re: looking for a script

Postby Agawa » Sat Oct 08, 2005 3:03 am

sylanthir wrote:hey guys, I'm looking for the transcript of Laikes farewell to Alex in the epilogue, was wondering if anyone knew of any sites with a complete script. Thanks for your time guys

Well, I can type it up for you. When I first played SSSC, I liked it so much that I played it through a second time to copy much of the main script. Here's the text from the very end of the game, right before the credits. ( I hope this is what you're talking about!)

This is starting from when you talk to Laike on the wharf, and ending at the end of the game.

NL: Laike!
LK: Ho, ho, ho! Nall and Alex! Are you going back to Burg already?
(Choice, Answer: I'm going hom with Luna.)
A: Dragonmaster Dyne...I...
LK: The man with that name died long ago, Alex...He died with the gods whose bidding he was born to obey. From now on, our future will be shaped not by those with power or prestige...But by those with courage. You possess that courage...Alex. You always have...
A: Thank you, Dyne.
LK: ... ... ...
I'm going on a journey, Alex. And this will be a long one...
L: Laike?
LK: This world is boundless, Alex. I'll never claim all of its treasures, or learn all of its secrets. But I don't feel hopeless about it...I feel fortunate. Fortunate that I'm alive and able to explore a world with such endless adventure.
A: Laike...what about Ghaleon?
LK: He perished for his beliefs. That's another way to live your life, Alex...But if there's one thing left to do, it's...
L: ... ... ...
LK: No...this isn't the time to discuss that, Alex. Not yet...
*Laike starts walking away*
LK: All of use are on a journey into the future, yet all of us live in the present. Too many people get caught up in what could be, instead of appreciating what is...Don't fall into that trap, Alex. Appreciate what you have, and who you have...Because the future can take it all away from you.
Ho, ho, ho! I'm sorry, Alex. I often find myself going on tangents these days...Yet another symptom of old age, I suspect.
A: Laike...
LK: I wish you luck, Alex. And you too, sweet Luna. Farewell...
*Laike walks off*
NL: Alex...I don't know why, but I have a feeling that we will meet him again...
L: You're right, Nall. I feel it too.
A: Luna...let's go home.
L: I was beginning to think you'd never ask.


(Just for the record, the above text is copyright Game Arts, Studio Alex, Working Designs, and probably some other companies that I forgot to mention. )

If you're looking for anything else as well, there's also a possibility that I have that written down as well. Again, I hope this was what you're looking for.

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