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Question about / Odd behavior of the Hero's Talisman...?

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:20 am
by Grefyrvos
And not the boss, the accessory.

So, the obvious effects of the Hero's Talisman aside, I always seem to encounter some "odd" behavior with this item that I can't explain. I've tried searching online for several years and I've never been able to find anyone else even mention this, so it either means that no one else caught it (unlikely) or no one else really cares, since it doesn't appear to actually affect anything.

I mainly noticed this because, with my preferred playstyle, I end up sticking the Hero's Talisman on Lemina and arming her with two Chiro Crests, letting her go first to buff the entire party for 1 MP (that way, Jean doesn't outspeed Hiro and it doesn't waste Hiro's offensive output). The odd behavior only appears to exist for a few, specific Magic spells and sometimes only after you've cast Burning Rage in a battle - if you go to cast, say, Cleansing Litany on the party (I believe this is one of the ones that triggers it), the other four party members will display the targetting/effectiveness overlay on them as normal, while the person with the Hero's Talisman will display in red with the X above them.

The effectiveness coloring doesn't seem to weaken the effects of the spell used (or at least that I've ever noticed), which would lead me to believe that it's just a bug in the coding for displaying the effectiveness on those spells with that accessory's ID attached to a character, but it's still something strange that I can't find any explanation for and I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this / could replicate it on their own copies / or has read something about this and could provide any insight for me.

Re: Question about / Odd behavior of the Hero's Talisman...?

Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:28 am
by Alunissage
I don't recall that and don't have any convenient saves, but it does remind me of one of Jessica's spells in the SegaCD Lunar 1. Her spell Healing Litany heals everyone except her, for no reason that I've ever known.

It's been so long since I've played EBC... remind me, are there any other accessories that affect what spells can be cast on the wearer? Or, for that matter, are there any (ally) spells at all that have varying effectiveness on the party members? Hm, this would be fun stuff to check out next time I play it (which hopefully will be this decade).

Re: Question about / Odd behavior of the Hero's Talisman...?

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:32 am
by Grefyrvos
As far as I know of, this is the only accessory that causes this behavior. I went back and retested on my save - it seems like the oddity only appears when you go to cast select spells as Ronfar; Clean/Cleansing Litany, Revival Coin, Revive/Miracle Litany, and Saint/Divine Litany. His regular healing Litany spells work like normal, and other ally-targetting spells don't seem to cause the problem, either (I only tested Burning Rage (a second cast), Power Drive, Cryo-Shell, and Magic Shield, so that would leave Speed Storm, Dopple/Slam Dance, and Earth Prayer to check).

I took some pictures with my camera to showcase what I'm seeing:
(Initial Setup, Lemina with Hero's Talisman) ... 0339de.jpg ... 0d91bd.jpg - Turn 1, Checking effectiveness with Cleansing Litany ... 96b0ab.jpg - Start of Turn 2, Burning Rage cast by Lemina on Turn 1 ... e6a2a9.jpg - Turn 2, Cleansing Litany check ... b930fc.jpg - Turn 2, Tranquil Litany check ... 41e4dd.jpg - Turn 2, Power Drive check ... 34e6ec.jpg - Turn 2, Magic Shield check ... d2ada0.jpg - Turn 2, Cryo-Shield check ... 1be10f.jpg - Turn 2, Burning Rage check

(Second Test, Hiro with Hero's Talisman) ... c03f49.jpg ... ff80e2.jpg - Turn 1, Cleansing Litany check ... c22c50.jpg - Start of Turn 2, Burning Rage cast on Turn 1 ... d90ca9.jpg - Turn 2, Cleansing Litany check

(Third Test, Hiro with Hero's Talisman) ... ad17f8.jpg ... c4ad4a.jpg - Defended with all characters on Turn 1 ... ee16a5.jpg - Turn 2, Cleansing Litany check