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For discussion of Lunar: Eternal Blue, the remake of Lunar 2 for Saturn/Playstation and all its translations
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Re: Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Sega Saturn Gamerip

Postby Sonic# » Thu May 09, 2013 12:38 pm

I found a backup through the Internet Wayback Machine. As an aside, I found this gem, a page of an advertisement for Phantasy Star IV in 1994. ("INTRIGUING STORYLINE")

By that point, there was not much content on there for Lunar, save the rips.

Last message, at end of last year:

This website will be shutdown at the end of this year, as I will not be renewing the hosting of this website. Sega apparently is in crackdown -Albino Baboon- mode, and I’m not going to give them free publicity any longer running a website that costs me money out of my pocket. Filing copyright infringement against your fanbase for harmless 3 minute gameplay clips are the actions of a company that, even after all this time, is still as clueless as ever. -Fatal Hopper-.

If there’s any content here that you want, now would be the time to download it.

"As long as my website remains..." indeed.

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