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Plot Idea

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:24 am
by Arcana
Please tell me what you think of this. Right now I'm bouncing ideas off and I just want to see how well this goes over. And I know this is very long and I apologize for it. If you have any questions as to why I chose certain ideals feel free to ask me and I will clarify. Thank you.

First, Lunar 3 is actually two games in one. The first takes place before the fight between Zophar and Althena on the Blue Star and the Second takes place roughly 30ish years after EB. I havent yet decided if both games are played simultaneously or you play the Zophar/Althena game first as a prologue.

Second, This is only a brief plot description. There are alot of connections that I have produced and fit into the canon of the games, but I wont explain all the connections only the major plot points. Otherwise this would be a never ending post.

Third, I tried to keep everything as true and respectful to the series as possible.

The Zophar/Althena story

On the Blue Star we are introduced to 2 brothers and a close friend (the older brother and friend are teenagers, the younger brother is a preteen). The 2 brothers are orphans but survive on their own and are VERY VERY CLOSE! Their parents were killed in the beginning years of Zophar's rise to powers. During a raid of monsters unleashed by Zophar, the little brother is kidnapped. The older brother and his friend decide to go ask Althena for help. They travel to the Goddess Tower and find the Dragon Angels. The older brother describes the situation. In return the Dragon Angels explain that the little brother is actually a reincarnation of the Goddess (this is foreshadowed with the little brothers amazing singing talent). The Angels suggest to the older brother and friend that they travel to the dragons who are sleeping and tell them of the situation and ask for help. Upon meeting each dragon, they create and bestow onto the older brother the Dragon Wings, Shield, Helmet, Armor. The 2 travel back to the Goddess Tower where they meet the Dragon Angels with the awakened Dragons. Althena herself appears in a spirtual form. She explains the situation to the older brother and friend. Zophar has become too strong, the goddess within the younger brother must be awakened out side of Zophar's grasp for fear of Zophar capturing Althena's powers (similar to Lucia in EB). However Zophar does not know of the reincarnation. Althena then gifts the older brother with the Sword of Althena. He officially becomes the first Dragonmaster. To the close friend, Althena creates the Mirror of Althena, which has more power than let on in SSSC. The Mirror not only reveals the truth, but can be used for a variety of other functions (as a magic amplifier, like a wand, to speak directly to the goddess, and have time capabilities). The 2, along with the Dragons, and Dragon Angels fight their way through Zophar's minions to rescue the little brother. The Dragon Angels are killed in the process, and although the little brother is rescued he is mortally wounded in the escape. They return him to the Goddess Tower where he dies and the goddess is awakened. Then Zophar and Althena fight and the Blue Star is destroyed.

Now, fast foward to 30ish years after EB. The world of Lunar is polarized, the people arent fully comfortable with re inhabiting the Blue Star and it has led to a divide amongst the people. Damon (as in Damon from Damon's Tower) is in his tower recording history as usual. A young new adventurer and his group of friends come to meet Damon and learn a bit of history from him. Damon even mentions the Magic Emperor before Ghaleon, the machine empire, the destruction of the Blue Star (or the above story) and the Mirror and how the Mirror and Sword of Althena have been lost to time in his talks to the adventurers. Here is where the big plot twists are. Damon is actually the friend of the first Dragonmaster who was given the Mirror. After the fight Althena granted Damon eternal life to record history (Damon did have a love of knowledge and so this was a thank you from the goddess for his service). Damon doesnt let on that he does know the whereabouts of both items. Later one of the adventurers pulls a Ghaleon and late one night sneaks into Damon's Tower and kills Damon and ravages his library trying to find the wear abouts of the Mirror so he can use it to try to become a new Magic Emperor and take advantage of the turmoil Lunar is in. The rest of the adventurers discover Damon's murder but dont know who killed him (the perpetrator is still part of the party). They notice pages ripped out of books that may have clues to the Mirror's location. So the group chooses to travel to another well stocked library for another shot at clues to the Mirror and Sword's whereabouts, Vane. The rest of the story is a race against time to try to find the Mirror before the Villain does.

This is as far as I have gotten in my story. There are some details, amongst many, that I can state here.

First, Lemina married Ramus at some point in time (they did have a love for money or Lemina lost the bet) and have a child together. This child joins the party at some point.

Second, Mauri and Ronfar also had a child that joins the party.

Third, Hiro and Lucia are still on the Blue Star and I am still working on incorporating them into the story.

Fourth, The unexplained relics of Lunar (Dragon Tower, Dragon Ruins, Mystic Ruins) are all explained but are future plot twists. As well as what happened to the first Dragonmaster

Fifth, This may be the most controversial thing but I would like at some point, if the Mirror is found for the time function to be activated. The main cast would be teleported back to the time of Lunar Silver Star Story, maybe a little bit after the defeat of Ghaleon. Ideally I would like for their to be a reunion scene between Alex, Luna, and Nall from EB

Like I said, I'm still working out the plot and future details. Other than that what do you think of this idea so far? Thank you for reading.

Re: Plot Idea

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:48 pm
by Kizyr
I was with you up to:
Arcana wrote:The older brother describes the situation. In return the Dragon Angels explain that the little brother is actually a reincarnation of the Goddess (this is foreshadowed with the little brothers amazing singing talent).

Every single game has established that Althena is no longer reborn as a human; Luna was her last time. Plus, the Sword of Althena is something that Nall has, and that he gives to Hiro.

I'm sorry. Most of the things that follow this line (so, about 4/5ths of the story) directly contradict things that were clearly laid out in every other game. Mainly:
- The goddess Althena is no longer reborn in any form after Luna
- Having a human reincarnation of Althena negates Lucia's entire reason to go to Pentagulia
- Nall has the Sword of Althena throughout most of the game; Hiro has it at the end
- Damon died near the end of TSS/SSS

Also, time-travel is really out-of-place in the Lunar series. I don't see a way to work it in to where it doesn't come off as weird as it did in TMNT3. KF

Re: Plot Idea

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:03 pm
by Arcana
I think you may have missed something, or maybe I didnt clarify. The brother story takes place before the move to the Silver Star. Right before Althena destroys the Blue Star. That takes place many years before Luna was even born.

As for the time travel component, yes I admit it is a bit farfetched, I was just trying to expand upon an item little was known about (the Mirror).

The same also goes for Damon (When does he die after SSSC?, I didnt know that he did die)

At the time the second story takes place, we the audience of course know that Nall had the Sword the entire time and now it is in Hiro's possession.

Re: Plot Idea

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:19 pm
by Aaron
Its okay fan fiction...but what character(s) is the player?

I also don't like the male reincarnation idea. Also wouldn't that make the player Dragonmaster Louie when they're on the Blue Star pre L1? Also capturing the "goddess" in human form has been done already in Dragon Song & Lunar 1. And apparently in Dyne's Adventure...

Can we all agree we don't need to revisit that story? I get it, shes vulnerable while human...

About Dameon:

I think that his story should be left untouched. It would end up just pissing people off.

Re: Plot Idea

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:11 am
by Arcana
My reasoning for the male reincarnation was to avoid tarnishing the relationship established by Alex and Luna. I personally felt the Dragon Song being the exact same plot was a bit of a slap in the face to Jian.

As for being captured, Zophar has no knowledge of the reincarnation.

I dont know what characters would specifically be in your party.

Also what story is there for Damon?

Re: Plot Idea

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:09 pm
by Alunissage
Damon only dies in TSS. (For no particular reason that I could ever figure.) In the other versions of Lunar 1 he's alive and well each time you visit him.