How did Lunar change you?

This board is for general discussion of Lunar. Especially things such as Lunar merchandise, general discussions about the story that span more than one game, etc.
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Postby Patty Mac » Fri Jul 27, 2007 11:44 pm

The Lunar games are just so amazing and great all around games. The story, the characters, the dungeons and bosses as well as difficulty. The thing I like too, is I am a sucker for Dragons. Thats what lead me to initially play Lunar in the first place. Then to show a humble boy from a small town who becomes a Dragonmaster to protect Althena, its all just amazing. What it really boils down to is that you give what you get. Working Desings\Gamearts put a lot of effort and manpower into the series and they got a perfect and I mean perfect game.

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Postby Nobiyuki77 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:56 pm

I remember it well. Lunar was the reason I decided to pursue a career in art (though now it's turned more into a prospective writing career. Go figure. ^^)

Lunar's characters moved me so much when I first played the Sega CD games. Nothing had ever made me feel so attached to the characters and world like Lunar did. I wanted to live on Lunar (no, it's not possible I know... ^^). It was that rich and real to me.

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Postby Bravo 29 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:35 pm

For me, it was definitely the intercharacter interactions, and interactions with NPC's. I really laughed at those, especially when the NPC's were drunk. It was LUNAR that made me enjoy story and character interaction above most everything. It also helped me meet other fans who enjoyed LUNAR, including Danni, Zophar, among others. If I'd never played LUNAR, that might not have happened, so I'm glad I stayed all those hours at Funcoland to play them through. It was well owrth it.

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Re: How did Lunar change you?

Postby X-Calibar » Thu May 22, 2008 4:34 am

How did Lunar change me... Hmm...
Well... when it came out it was definitely my favorite game. I can recall listening to the Lunar audio CD for the first time while waiting at driver's ed. I remember watching some of the cutscenes over and over... [Grindery cutscenes, the Goddess Tower cutscene... As well as the boat song, among others..!] I'd listen to the music not featured on the CD... lol which I'm listening to right now actually...]
I fell in love with the characters, and the humorous world of Lunar. I view it as a simple game, since I've been raised on the Ultima games, Daggerfall etc... But, it was striking.

To me it was just another game... but a very good one. It didn't need the complexity, it was just epic and fun.
I might have begun to forget about Lunar after my couple years of Lunar fanboyism...
So if you end it right there, it only had a marginal effect on me. Mostly great entertainment value.

But the story doesn't end here... this is where Ghaleon's story begins.
[I was going to start a new thread for this but I guess I'll just put it here!]

Anybody know of a little game called Baldur's Gate 2 : Shadows of Amn?
Notice my signature? Yes... BG2 is one of my favorite games of all time. Which came out after both Lunar games. Wonderful game BG2. Great great...
BG2 Intro

Well... how does this relate to Lunar? CHARNAME, or the central player character is whoever you choose to create, and I sometimes have this habit sometimes to use characters from games I've played, when I'm given a chance like this...

One of the classes you could choose to be was... Sorcerer.
SORCERER: Sorcerers are practitioners of magic who were born with the innate ability to cast spells. It is thought that the blood of some powerful creature flows through their veins; perhaps they are the spawn of the gods themselves, or even dragons walking in humanoid form. Regardless, the Sorcerer's magic is intuitive rather than logical. They know fewer spells than wizards, and acquire spells more slowly, but they can cast spells more often and have no need to select and prepare spells ahead of time. Sorcerers cannot specialize in magic the way wizards do. Other than these differences, a Sorcerer is very similar to the wizard.

You can guess where this is going, right? ;)
Ghaleon. Yep, I completely chose to roleplay as Ghaleon in the BG series...

Besides portraits, I had the audio files for Ghaleon from Lunar [which my parents got tired of hearing Ghaleon constantly lol
"Oh... where are my manners... Let me introduce myself... I AM GHALEON!" lol.... I never got tired of it]
I crafted all my decisions stat decisions, the magic I chose to learn, and even the many choices in the game to be like that of Ghaleon's, and eventually invented my own story behind why he was reborn once again...
And Ghaleon grew in my mind on his own, (until he took over this body)... [BG2 gave enough player choices to let you react and speak in a way fitting to my Ghaleon in the various situations. and I have to say it was So much fun being Ghaleon...] I wasn't originally an evil Ghaleon either, I relied on my friends, and Ghaleon even fell in love with one of them, Aerie... [Which I might add, to me looks like ... JESSICA!]
I put this graphic together when I beat the game, way back then as a tribute to my adventure...

Conclusion : Lunar by itself was great fun... but I beat it in such a short amount of time...
However, it laid the foundations for me to invent Ghaleon in my imagination.
And I have to say I had such a great time thanks to that. Also it lasted several years longer thanks to replay...
And after the first normal non-edited/non-cheat playthrough, I had much more in store for Ghaleon... [this is when I began to mod Ghaleon editing BG2...]

Looking back at this point, Ghaleon became one of my all time favorite hero/villians... nay, favorite characters in all stories and games that I've ever read/seen or played. And it's really because of Lunar...
Here's a quote of mine from elsewhere : Portraits and soundpack that I used



Here are Ghaleon's voicepacks..
Ghaleon voicepack for BG2 :


Magic Emperor Ghaleon voicepack for BG2 :

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Re: How did Lunar change you?

Postby SnickieX » Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:11 am

Lunar changed me by being the ONLY game I can think of (Really not even Doom causes this...) that I cannot get out of my mind, at random points, or during certain things, Flashback to a point or time in Lunar SSSC.

I had to goto the Baccalaureate on the 8th (June) since I graduated, some girl was singing a song (Something about "You'd kill for it just a little bit") and someone was playing a piano, I just completely phased out and my mind went to the boat song that Luna sings, I couldn't remember anything but "Is my dream to come?", but for some reason, that's still what it made me think of.

It's the only game, that I have had something in life remind me of.

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Re: How did Lunar change you?

Postby dragonmaster-Ghaleon » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:38 pm

well let me see.. i would have to admit I'm not really an rpg player.. i lied a few of the ffs here and there and the suikoden games but nothing really jumped out at me other than those .. until i played lunar.. i loved it from the minute i turned it on and the intro movie started and that was like when 98 or so when the remake came out.. i haven got around to finding the original genesis ones and playing them but i plan to in the future ..but the story grabbed me and hasn't let go.. the same can be said when i played eternal blue complete for the first time i love that one as well..and now i liked the whole rpg genre more than i did before thanks to those games.. and now my favorite rpgs would be the lunar series and the suikoden series
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