Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

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Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

Post by liquidpolicenaut »

Sorry for the long wait but I finally finished and sent all the Lunar related magazine articles I have. That comes to 35 article scans from 7 different magazines (8 magazines and 42 scans if you count what I already sent). They range from previews, reviews, overseas early-looks and interviews from TSS, EB, MS, and SSS. So, as we wait for Kizyr to graciously upload them, here is a scan from Gamefan revealing Lunar "The Strolling School" for the Game Gear.
Gamefan reveal of Lunar " The Strolling School" for the Game Gear
Gamefan reveal of Lunar " The Strolling School" for the Game Gear
18) MS - Feb 96 Reveal 2.jpg (44.86 KiB) Viewed 5976 times
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Re: Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

Post by Sonic# »

"No, it's not Lunar III." Wow. We've been waiting a long time!

"But the battles are now first-person." Wasn't this pretty common for the Game Gear? I don't know why - I associate first-person battles with a less-intensive platform, maybe, and I can see it being difficult to have the same battle system on a handheld of that time.

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Re: Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

Post by drumlord »

Gotta love Betteridge's law of headlines: "Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." ... _headlines

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Re: Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

Post by Alunissage »

Heh. They went for the Anglicized name Lena, but used Eri instead of Elly? And I wonder where Iayne came from.

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Re: Lunar Magazine Scans Done!

Post by Kizyr »

These are awesome!

Going up this weekend, I swear. If not, you can come and yell at me for it.

...either that or Damon will do it before I get a chance and embarrass me again. KF

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