FS - All the Lunar (eBay)

This board is for general discussion of Lunar. Especially things such as Lunar merchandise, general discussions about the story that span more than one game, etc.
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FS - All the Lunar (eBay)

Post by WhiteKnightLeo »

Anyone else see this? Arlia is it yours? I plan on buying it if anyone can comfirm that it is complete/the price is reasonable. No link since I'm on the eBay app and the picture I tried to upload is too large but just type it into eBay. Also, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays if thats your thing. Let me know! Thanks,


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Re: FS - All the Lunar (eBay)

Post by Arlia »

Heya Leo. Answering your PM. Yes, that's my Ebay link. Price is high, but, I'd like offers, you see. I don't quite expect that amount, but, I have no idea what people will be willing to pay for it. I haven't seen an All the Lunar up for a few years, but, it's possible I missed it.

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