15 years ago, Lunar: The Silver Star was released...

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15 years ago, Lunar: The Silver Star was released...

Postby GhaleonOne » Tue Dec 25, 2007 4:55 am

On June 26th, 1992, a small game development firm by the name of GameArts released an RPG on Sega's Mega CD platform titled Lunar: The Silver Star. 15 years later, we've seen a true sequel, and two side stories, along with countless remakes of the majority of the series. The series is responsible for a cult-like fanbase that still clamors for a true third game in the series. A recent red mark aside, the series is primarily known specifically for two very highly rated and heavily respected games on the Mega/Sega CD, and their respective remakes on the Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation systems. Even 15 years later, the fanbase still looks back on the series with adoration of it's wonderful story-telling, inspiring music, and unique charm.
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<br />On a site-related note, we had originally hoped to open the new LunarNET on this day, but I didn't really take into account the size of the project and how long it would take to finish it. The new site is still coming along nicely, and we hope to have it live by summer's end. December 24th will actually mark LunarNET's 10th year in existance, so while we plan to launch the new site before that, the idea is to have the entire site cmopleted (including sections currently under construction now), along with new features such as a Lunar-based encyclopedia, among other things.

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