Japanese-English Differences pages added!

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Re: Japanese-English Differences pages added!

Postby Kizyr » Sun Dec 30, 2007 8:57 pm

Ever wonder what was different between the English and Japanese versions of the Lunar games? What about storyline or background details that might be in one version, but not in the other? Or perhaps just curious about what goes into the localization process altogether?

Well, LunarNET now has the most complete set of English-Japanese differences to-date for the Sega CD versions. Check them out here:
Lunar: The Silver Star - English-Japanese Differences
Lunar: Eternal Blue - English-Japanese Differences

As a bonus, these pages also include screenshots from both versions of the games. Be sure to check out the "General" sections before delving into the rest of it.

And check back next week: I'm still working on the final touches to the same thing for the Playstation and Saturn versions, so expect to see those soon. 'Til then, enjoy! And feel free to bring up anything here over at the LunarNET Forums for discussion. KF

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