Another Novels Update! SSS Vol. 3 Now Complete

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Another Novels Update! SSS Vol. 3 Now Complete

Postby Kizyr » Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:57 am

The full summary for the third volume of the Silver Star Story novelization by Kei Shigema is now up! This is several, several times longer than the original summary that was up before. There are plenty more details included too: stories about old Dragonmasters and heroes, mentions of different locations, and dialogue. Lots of dialogue. SSS Vol. 3 in particular had a lot of dialogue that I really felt like they had to be translated directly or almost directly, so you'll notice a lot more of that this time around.

Anyway, the direct link is here:
SSS Vol. 3

Unfortunately, there aren't any "extras" that were translated this time, like the afterword or some bonus section. But this is still the largest summary yet thus far.

SSS Vol. 4 should be redone soon, in perhaps another month or so. 'Til then; hope you enjoy. KF

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