Magical School Lunar! Novel Summary

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Magical School Lunar! Novel Summary

Postby Kizyr » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:38 am

The eighth novel summary is now up, complete with images and everything from the novel. This time, it's a one-volume novelization of Magical School Lunar! You can check it out here:
- Magical School Lunar! - Summary
- Main Novels Page

To be honest, this one isn't as good as the others. The story was drastically simplified, and the characters were reduced, instead of expanded upon. You're really a lot better off just going through the actual game (or just the walkthrough) for the story. But, there are some new images by Isamu Imakake (ISM), who doesn't really do any of the other artwork in the series.

Hope you enjoy this more than I did. Now there's just one book remaining: the Lemina side-story. KF

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