Kei Shigema comments on SSH release in North America

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Kei Shigema comments on SSH release in North America

Post by GhaleonOne »

First off thanks again to Shiva Indis for pointing this out and translating it on the Lunar Threads earlier today. Kei Shigema, the scenario developer for the LUNAR series has updated his Twitter page with comments about the release of LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony in North America. The translation and link can be found below:

<i>I got word that the DS version Lunar is releasing tomorrow(?) in North America. My first North America landing in a while! That's really moving for me somehow. Do I have room to talk considering that I haven't searched for the official HP yet...? (pained laugh)

Lunar has always had active fans in America, and sometimes I recieve fan mail from them. (I can't read them since they're in English, though.) I'm really thankful for them. I hope we can use this game as a step to the next Lunar...

I was mistaken, the North America Lunar isn't DS. It's PSP. Hahaha... (sweat) I shouldn't mix those up. Sorry!

That's right, it's PSP. I'm sorry to everyone involved. We worked so hard debugging and cursing how difficult the development machines were to use, and then I up and forget... Sorry!

Augh, when I looked at the North America Lunar HP, the music made me cry. The piano jazz arangement is too wonderful. Iwadare-san did some great work... Seriously, tears... and it's thanks to all of you. Thank you so much.

Aha, so this is what the characters sound like in the North America version of Lunar! Mia-chan and Ghaleon-sama's voices are really good... Overall, the tone is lower than the Japanese version, isn't it? I see, I see.</i>

Link: Shigema's Twitter page

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