New Boat Song Lyrics?

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New Boat Song Lyrics?

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Now I know this has been debated already in other forums and what not. But replaying Lunar SSSC, I've noticed something that may solve this question as to which set of lyrics is better. I am saying now that I have not played Harmony yet, so I'm not saying definitively which is better. This is meant to serve as a possible evaluation of the songs (if you like both/one or the other go right ahead I'm not saying your wrong/stupid/etc.).

Replaying SSSC, before Luna sings the song, in her dialogue there is a lot of self doubt. She constantly questions herself and her place. She never mentions often that she "loves" Alex or has strong feelings outside of a sibling love (or that can't be explained as sibling love). But this constant self doubt continues to emerge, its why she doesn't want to go on the boat to Meribia to begin with, she feels out of place. Here the song reflects a solution to her self doubt by waiting for a shooting star/metaphor.

Now like I said I haven't played Harmony. My question is what is the dialogue buildup to the Harmony boat song between Alex and Luna. Here she sings a love song, not a song of self discovery and hope. Is there the same self doubt buildup or is there more love talk or hesitation of conversation based on love?

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