iOS updates!

For discussion of the iOS platform version of Lunar.
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iOS updates!

Post by GhaleonOne »

In case you missed the news story, I just put up some screenshots of some updates being submitted to the app store for LUNAR: Silver Star Story Touch! Go check it out up in the news if you're interested.

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Re: iOS updates!

Post by DevNall »

And said update is out!

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Re: iOS updates!

Post by jay_are »

So, Luna can equip a sword... I don't remember this from the PS1 version.
And I must say, she looks cool using it in battle! She like... swings it with style XD

There are menu glitches. Why aren't they fixed? There is so much work going on and I still dont see the magic menus fixed. Or save menu. Or shops.
It's easier to test the game rather than explain it, but for example when you use Lunar's healing magic, the cursor appears in the wrong place than it really is meant to be in.

Edit: Waaaait. She can equip it in the PS1 version too! It took me all these years to finally try it. I thought it was a glitch :mrgreen: I'm gonna leave the post like this for self shame. But anyway, the shopping menu doesnt make sense, cause when I select the sword, Luna appears sitting down, but she can equip it. Actually, only Alex stands when he can equip something. As for the saving menu, I'd just like a confirmation before over-writing a file, or to have to select between save or load with the buttons. Cause see, the game shows Save, Load, Exit.
And I'm thinking I have to press the button to select save, so I can select a slot after, but nope! If I press the button, it will save right away and no confirmation of overwriting. Does this make sense?

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Re: iOS updates!

Post by jos24 »

Luna can equip sword? what sword?
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Re: iOS updates!

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

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