Fonts and message window

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Fonts and message window

Post by jay_are »

Im surprised about the number of options this game has! But there are 2 things I wish I could change permanently:
1. The message font (1x mode)
2. The color of the message window (any mode)
3. Battle speed button in-battle

1. I do not know where this new font comes from, but it looks a bit strange considering the setting and tone of the game. It looks like it belongs in a different RPG, maybe something more gothic since the font has sharp knife-like edges, I'm not sure. :lol: It's also a bit hard to read because it has some blurred pixels. It's definitely a non-conventional font, other RPGs just use a simple pixel art font with 1 pixel width, and 1 pixel borders, this was the more conventional style as lots of games on PS1 and even DS did it like that, and they looked sweet. At 2x the font changes into something a bit more normal. I'd be fine with a pixel art version of that. I'd LOVE if we could just have the original font, with its original color (shown in the pic below) but if not, at least a sharp pixel art version of the 2x font would be fine.

2. As for the message window, can it just be black transparent instead of having the gray gradient? It kind of takes away the contrast of the character portraits and text. It's somehow a little unsatisfying :( like something that doesn't want to be there too much. But on PS1, the stronger black is like the message window definitely wants to be there and provide contrast.

3. I just noticed this, but even though the battle speed and map speed can be set independently (such a great thing!) you cannot set the battle speed while in the middle of a battle. I think it would be necessary to include the speed button in battle in case you want to stop to carefully watch what's going on.

Thank you! It's been quite the throwback posting here like it's 2009 or something :lol:
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