Anyone into Xenogears?

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Anyone into Xenogears?

Post by Ghaleon777 »

I absolutely LOVE Xenogears, such a shame that square didnt make a remake already...
I am making a "battle game" of Xenogears... focusing just in a tournament where you can play as every boss and monster, still in development, but this is what i am making for now: ... Edward%27s

Far from being finished of course.

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Re: Anyone into Xenogears?

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

I'll be honest...I couldn't play it because of the graphics lol (^^;;) It deserves a remake & I totally respect it. I've seen some play it and I've read a lot about it. I also really enjoyed Xenosaga for PS2 Trilogy (I sad still it was meant to be 6 games...) But it totally deserves a remake and i'm surprised it hasn't had one already!
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Re: Anyone into Xenogears?

Post by brit »

I loved it, and hated it at the same time.

I would always get so mad during boss fights that would turn into back to back fights and if you died against one you had to repet them all. T^T

Music and character designs were some of my favorites though.

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