Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Post by Aaron »

Merry Christmas :)

Hope you all have a good time

(for those of you who celebrate, and dont)

Spread some Christmas Cheer this year and next by saying something good about the person who posted above you.

since no one is above me i'll say something about the webmaster

I want to apologize for earlier and thank you for making such an awesome fansite. Merry Christmas Ghaleon1 oh and I still <3 all the posters :)

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Post by GhaleonOne »

Hey, I like this idea. It could be a good tradition around here for Christmas time.

My something good for the previous poster: This was a really ingenius idea. Thanks for starting this up!

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Post by drumlord »

Mickey is great and does some awesome things with his website... except when he wouldn't hire me to RPGfan like 5 years ago ;)

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Post by Dragonmaster Lou »

Umm, since I don't know drumlord that well, I'll say it's cool that there's another RI person floating around here. :)
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