Kanbe Miyuki dies of heart failure at the age of twenty-four

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Kanbe Miyuki dies of heart failure at the age of twenty-four

Postby Guild_Premier_Ghaleon » Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:30 pm

I just wanted to post this up. It's not hard to believe that a lot of you probably wont know who this little missy is. She was a Japanese idol mainly known for her role as Tsukino Usagi in the Sailor Moon musicals, a work I myself absolutely love. Im an anime nerd, was a theater news in high school, mix the two and it's one hell of a performance. Anyways, she was the third of four actresses to take the reigns of this role, and she fit it perfectly. Very spirited and energetic with a beautiful voice to boot. I was shocked when I heard of her passing. She also played Kyoko Kakei in the second Battle Royal Movie Requiem. I know there are at least a hand full of BR fans present on the forums, so heres a picture of her so you can recognize who she was.


She also played Hinaka Tachibana in the Kamen Rider Hibiki series. Here is a photo of her in costume as Usagi in the Sailor Moon Musicals.


And a link to my favorite song she performed, An Evil Dream.


She'll certainly be missed. To see her leaving us so early is very shocking, and also very sad.
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