Super Mario Bros. Crossover

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by GhaleonOne »

Thought some of you might enjoy this. Someone at work showed it to me today. It's basically the original Super Mario Bros. but with the ability to play through the game with Link, Samus, Simon and Mega Man.

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Re: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by Solana »

Sweet, and it even has the music and specialized moves! They did a good job.

(Although, wow, I've lost some of that old school skill after all these years.) :oops:
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Re: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by Ardent Fox »

Many of us lose the touch when we've experienced regenerating health and tutorial levels.

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Re: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by JeansPast »

definitely different, that's for sure. *Maybe being drunk didn't help*
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Re: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by LuNaRtIc »

My younger brother was playing this all afternoon a couple of weeks ago. :P
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Re: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Post by Dark_Fairy »

I remember finding this while I was bored in-between my classes about a 3 weeks ago. I remember instantly loving it. Of course, I played as Simon. XD

I did try Link though as well.

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