World Cup contest?

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Re: World Cup contest?

Post by GhaleonOne »

Congrats man. You dominated that bracket thing. 96+ percentile. PM me a mailing address on where I can mail the prize to.

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Re: World Cup contest?

Post by Sonic# »

I was flying high until Argentina lost, and you blocked be out Sonix. Congratulations! :D

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Re: World Cup contest?

Post by Kizyr »

I couldn't catch the final game. The bar we were in was tuned to ABC, but they were apparently showing a rugby match between Holland and Spain instead of the WC final. KF

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Re: World Cup contest?

Post by Ardent Fox »

I saw it, kind of knew Spain had it seeing how many attacks Spain was making towards the goal compared to Holland. Good show though, good show. European champions and World champions. Wow.

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