Would you like a Lunar Holiday Card?

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Would you like a Lunar Holiday Card?

Postby Karthur » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:10 am

Keeping with my tradition of commission fandom art for Holiday/Christmas cards, this year I went with ALL Lunar. (You can see some of the previous years' work here on the board.

If you would like a card, please PM me with your mailing address and which card you would like. I will send cards all over the world and I don't expect one in return. This is just to spread the love of Lunar!!

Your choices for cards this year are:
Mia and Nash in watercolor by Maiji. She's the artist that did the Schwann/Casey card from last year and also the art in my icon <---Gotta say, this card is just gorgeous!!

Mia and Nash and a Gorgon (digital) <--Very cute! Artist is Heartgear@DA

Sabre and Brinson, my two OC's from the Prairie Tribes (digital) <---Also very cute and touching. Artist is Zanazac@DA

So, yeah! Let me know if you'd like a card, which one, and a spot to mail it to! Cards will go out in early December!
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