nerd + musical talent = win

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nerd + musical talent = win

Postby lnrSaxon » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:55 am

I felt like I have to share this guy with the world cuz he's pretty awesome.

I first found out about him in his response to the "Asians in the Library rant." I dunno if any of y'all heard about it, but a girl from UCLA pretty much ranted about Asians in the library on their phones (which they're easy targets at UCLA since it's 35% Asian). I'm Asian, and I couldn't really get offended cuz it's a pretty ignorant and immature rant. But she did go too far when she started talking about the tsunami.

anywhoo, here's his response: (he links the rant in his video if you wanna see it)

His a capella version of the Mario theme is one of my faves. ^_^

have fun. ^_^ Nerds rock!

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