RPG maker proficient individuals

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RPG maker proficient individuals

Postby LUNARverse » Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:38 pm

Havent been on this site in years, but since my last visit, I have been working on a scenario for an RPG heavily inspired by Lunar. I have worked on some original art and assets, with plans to fully create original visual assets for the game, as well as I have been working with a professional musician to write some music for the title. My problem is that I cannot program. I have full access to RPGMaker VX ACE, but am not opposed to using other programs, such as Unity, however the cost is a concern. I do not wish to go the route of Kickstarter as I have had issues with the most recent projects that i have backed, however I do want to release the final product for purchase, so there is going to be an opportunity for profit from the work completed, just no payment up front. I won't be earning a salary either during production. If anyone is interested in being part of something that could wind up special, please contact me and let me know. you can contact me here and I can give you contact information for outside the forums. This sort of approach worked for Watermelon and lead to Pier Solar being created, so why can't it be done again?

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