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Re: Lunar ONLINE?

Post by MagicEmperor »

A guy can only dream right... :)

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Re: Lunar ONLINE?

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Yeah! We can all dream. This would be really neat to happen, but at the same time with how toxic the online world can be...It might end up being very bad for the beautiful universe that is LUNAR
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Re: Lunar ONLINE?

Post by AkagisWhiteComet »

Probably would never happen.

Game Arts has been kind of sitting on both LUNAR and Grandia (Grandia has had some PSN and Steam releases). At the absolute least we could eventually see some sort of digital release for past LUNAR titles that aren't mobile, but I believe that's fairly far fetched. There's also a very high chance any sort of modern title for the IP having a change in direction for character design. Toshiyuki Kubooka did not do the updated graphics work for Lunar SS Harmony as he primarily does work for Bandai's Idolm@aster series, and potential for a more open ended and accessible world (think having your character be from the beast men race, for example) could lead to having some updates and introductions to various character races and the like in the LUNAR lore. Kubooka has done monster and beast races though in the past; his work in Albert Odyssey Legend of Eldean featured 'humanized' dragon and avian character designs.

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