Getting into Lunar again

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Getting into Lunar again

Postby Enclave » Sun May 25, 2014 1:09 am

I've been getting back into Lunar thanks to another site where some people talked about it and I'm definitely enjoying it. I originally got into the series because of EBC ads I saw in magazines and bought a used copy of EBC with some of the collector's edition goodies in 2001, but never played it until I grabbed a copy of SSSC and beat it like 8 years later. I played EBC soon after, but never beat it. Forgot about the series until I saw someone start talking about it a month ago, so I dug out my copies of SSSC and EBC. I just beat SSSC, but I'm waiting for a bit before starting EBC and finally beating it.

The funny thing is, I don't really play jRPGs anymore nor watch anime, but I love Lunar. I'm an American RPG and FPS type of person now, but the earlier Final Fantasies, and specifically Lunar, will always have a special place. Replaying SSSC has reminded my why I loved the games so much when I played them several years ago.

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Re: Getting into Lunar again

Postby LuNaRtIc » Mon May 26, 2014 6:35 pm

Welcome! So glad to hear you're rediscovering your love of Lunar! :D
I completely agree with you, anime and video games in general have gotten away from me lately. Maybe because I'm growing older, or maybe JRPGs just don't hold the same kind of weight as they used to. My love of Lunar has remained forever constant though, no matter how long it's been. And after those long breaks, I found it's always a treat to go back and fall in love with Lunar all over again. :D

Hope you enjoy yourself around the boards here!
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Re: Getting into Lunar again

Postby Kizyr » Thu May 29, 2014 10:42 pm

Awesome! Great to have you around!

Same here, by the way... It's hard for me to get into JRPGs the way I used to. The only things that tend to resonate are ones from the 90s and very early 00s. Maybe I just don't have the time anymore to play like I used to (and maybe I need to update my game collection...). KF

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Re: Getting into Lunar again

Postby Sonic# » Fri May 30, 2014 2:03 am

Welcome to the board!

I've found a few recent JRPGs to be quite enjoyable, but I go back to the classics these days at least as often. I've been thinking of replaying Grandia lately, for instance...

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Re: Getting into Lunar again

Postby Nobiyuki77 » Fri May 30, 2014 11:07 pm

Hallo! ^_^ Always nice to have Lunar fans come here! :D

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