Agalloch - The White EP

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Agalloch - The White EP

Postby Ozone » Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:45 am

Agalloch is a band that is shrouded in about the same amount of mystery as their music is. They do shows about twice a year... typically in Europe, and they're described as "unpredictable" and "incendiary" (sweet, sounds like my kind of gig). Their album "The Mantle" put them on the map as the only American Black Metal band that mattered, and earned them an insane about of critical acclaim. They only have four actual albums to their name, the rest are made up EPs, and, depending on who you talk to at any given time, they have a total of seven or eight released total. The brilliance and flexibility this band has shown in the past does not shine any brighter than it does in their latest release, The White EP. Known to be experimental, it is no surprise when Agalloch tries something new, and it never disappoints. The White EP is seven song release that is a concept album (like most of their previous releases) and it takes them into a sound that is reminiscent of a folksier Opeth on their Damnation album. Truly a masterwork, The White EP is not to be missed. You can check out the song Sowilo Rune on their MySpace page (it's one of my favorites from the album).
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