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Jillian Goldin - Origins

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:07 am
by Kizyr
So... I've been a fan of Jillian Goldin (aka 'pixietricks') for a while, ever since I first heard Journey's End from FFX (OC ReMix Link). She's just released her first album, Origins, which is absolutely amazing.

I'm a tad biased. So, this won't be a very formal album review. Just my thoughts on it. First, some links:
Album page

Anyway... Origins focuses a lot on using the voice as an instrument. It's classed as new age music, but it's really its own thing entirely (I'm no good at genre labels anyhow, even if I did care about labeling). Anyway, her voice is really amazing, and the album is masterfully done. The instrumentation isn't overpowering but rather complements her voice perfectly; her voice, meanwhile (particularly when there's 2-3 concurrent vocal tracks in a few of the songs) is... really difficult for me to describe without going into hyperbole.

But there are a bunch of samples she has on her main page if you want to have a listen. My favorites are Winds of Change and Shadows. But, see if you like it for yourself. It's definitely worth getting... KF