Ruby's Birthday

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Ruby's Birthday

Postby Eradose » Thu May 27, 2010 2:51 am

"1026... The years just seem to fly by now..."

A young woman with pink and brown hair walks out of the Red Dragon store. She wears a casual outfit, and her hair is tied back by a yellow ribbon. She switches the sign to say "Closed", and walks down the road to the bakery. She walks in and says "Hey Francis. Got my order ready?" "Why good evening Ruby." the baker says, "I got your order for the Tabin Peak Orphanage ready. I also threw in a few dozen cookies for the kids too. Just be sure Nall doesn't eat them all." "Don't worry," says Ruby, "he'll have to deal with me if he pulls that stunt off again." "By the way," says the baker, "is it someone's birthday today? Nall was hear earlier today asking for a large cake." "Was he now?" says Ruby, raising an eyebrow. "I can think of one... But, I got to get this stuff back to the orphanage. See you later." "Bye Ruby." says the baker.

Ruby walk down the road again with two large bags of food she picked up from the baker. As she looks around the town, she starts to feel nostalgic. Sure, in the 1000 years that have past, humans had advanced a great deal. Heck, she was on the Blue Star. Not only humans and beastmen, but elves and sevians from other planets walk the streets of the city. But still, she can't help but think back to her days with Hiro, Lucia, and her friends back in those days long past. She started to wonder what Hiro would think of the world as it is now. The wonders of both magic and technology. But, she then realized she was going to be late. She heads over to a portal kiosk, and takes it to Vane on the Silver Star.

A little while later...

Ruby heads up the elevator to the entrance to the orphanage. She steps out, and opens the front door. Just as she dose so, three children run up to her. "Big sister Ruby!" says one of them. "Welcome home!" says another. Ruby lets out a small laugh. "Oh you guys..." she says, "Now then, take these to the kitchen." She then hands them the bags. "And make sure to hide the cookies from Nall. You know how much of a sweet tooth he has before dinner." "We understand big sis Ruby." says one of the children. They then take the bags and run off.

"And speaking of Nall..."

Ruby heads upstairs to the playground/garden. There she finds Nall playing with some of the other children. Nall looks over at the door and sees Ruby standing there. "Ruby!" he says, "You're home." "Planing something special Nall?" says Ruby. "Wh... whatever do you mean?" says Nall, trying to look innocent. Ruby smiles. "You really should have picked a different baker to make my birthday cake Nall." says Ruby, "You were clever not to tell him who it was for, but I still figured it out." "Aw..." says Nall, "I wanted it to be a surprise. It would mean so much to the kids." "Don't worry Nall." says Ruby, "I'll still act surprised on their account. Now then, we better get dinner ready." "Right." says Nall.

Later that evening...

"Happy birthday Ruby!"

Dinner was over, and the children were bringing the cake in. Four candles dot the top of the cake, each representing a digit of her age. It was a lot easier, and safer than putting 1026 candles on the cake. "I thank you all." Ruby says to the children. "This has been a great birthday." She then blows out the candles and the children start to clap and chear. "What did you wish for big sis Ruby." one of the children asks. Ruby gives the child a small smile and says "If I told you, it won't come true, now will it?" "Now then," says Nall, "after we have our cake, it's time for bed."

After the children are put to bed...

Ruby sits in her room next to Nall. "Thanks again Nall." she says, "But, for some reason, I can't help but feel nostalgic." "It's been 1000 years since you came to live here, hasn't it?" says Nall, "The same time the Blue Star was restored. I can't blame you for missing your friends. I miss my old friends on my birthday too." He then pulls out a box from under the bed. "Since the children gave you such nice gifts, I'd figure I'd get my mate one too." "That's so sweet Nall." says Ruby, opening the box. Inside it was a pendant crafted from some of the metals in the tower. It was made to look almost like Lucia's pendant. Ruby puts it on immediately, and gives Nall a big hug. "Thank you..." she says. She then gives Nall a kiss. "By the way... How are the twins doing?"

"They almost know how to change into human form." says Nall, "When the black and blue dragons entrusted us with their care, I wasn't sure if we were ready. But, they've grown up so much since then." "Kind of makes you want to have kids of your own?" says Ruby, with a coy look on her face. Nall's face turns bright red. "I... uh... I..." he says. "Oh come on Nall." says Ruby, "You know I'm just joking. But... sometimes I wouldn't mind that. Maybe we should think it over later sometime." "Yeah..." says Nall, "Maybe we should."

Nall looks at Ruby. She was already asleep. He started to think. He has been taking care of kids for so long now. Maybe it was time he had one of his own. But, it was something he really had to think about.

But, he couldn't think of anyone else he would want to have his own young with than Ruby. She was his mate after all. He sets her down in bed, lays next to her and goes to sleep as well.
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