New recorded version of song about Lunar

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New recorded version of song about Lunar

Postby 7CityRansom » Tue May 29, 2012 2:31 pm

So I finally got our the recording of my new Anime/Cosplay band's song inspired by Lunar: The Silver Star. Similar to my old band's recording but this singer is way better than I was ^_^.
I'd love to hear what you guys think!


Starting off in a brave new land
Through heart and mind, they take a stand
This is their story, it starts today
Faced with fear but moving on
The stage is set and the road is long
The time has now come to live their dreams

Now the leave their lives behind
Worries weight heavy on weary minds
True to our path, we can never turn back
Our fate is waiting for its claim

Put your fear aside
You will win this fight
Every day and night
Don’t give up
This is your chance to fight for yourself
And fight for love

They’ve journeyed far across the land
Making friends with a helping hand
Fighting the battles that aren’t their own
Led by what lies in their hearts
They know to finish what they start
That is what makes them a hero

But now their facing what they never thought would lie down in their way
The chance to see how far they will go to save everything they love

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