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How do you prefer your item setup?

One item bag for everyone to share
Each character has a small item bag
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Monde Luna
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SS Items

Postby Monde Luna » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:07 pm

I'm all for having each character carry their own items.

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Shiva Indis
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Re: SS Items

Postby Shiva Indis » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:46 pm

I missed the old item management in the EB remake and I've continued to miss it since. I thought it was kind of fun shuffling things around - it distinguished the series from other RPGs a little, and it helped pull the mascot characters into the gameplay.

In Harmony it seemed a little weird when Nall gets robbed in Reza, because there's not as strong a connection between Nall and your inventory anymore.

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Re: SS Items

Postby Alunissage » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:46 pm

Which game was it that had Nall complaining about how he couldn't carry so much when your inventory got full? It must've been SSSC. It's definitely easier to have everyone share a common bag and access anything in the bag in battle, although sometimes this makes for some weird logic -- in Harmony you can have multiple people use the same weapon as an item in battle provided no one has it equipped (in which case only that person can use it, of course), which led to this odd mental visualization of the party members tossing the Fire Cane or whatever from one to another as they used it. ^_^

I rather wish the original EB had had that common inventory, though. One reason is that when you opened a chest, the item went into the inventory of the first person who had available room, from left to right. If you didn't happen to notice whose character portrait showed up as you opened the chest you had to look in everyone's inventory, and then do some shuffling if it was a piece of equipment for someone whose inventory was full, etc. But the real reason I sometimes wish they'd had a common inventory usable in battle as such is that I came this close to beating a certain famously annoying multi-orbed boss with just Ronfar. I was holding out fine until he ran out of MP maybe a round or two before it would have been done. (It was particularly annoying because I'd had a starlight and a silver light and just Ronfar and Lemina and I'd accidentally reversed who should get what and gave Lemina the silver light -- and then she got knocked out the next round.)

I liked that in TSS and EBC you could see the general inventory when you were on the equip screen. It was annoying in SSSC and EB to have to keep switching back and forth from Nall and Ruby's screens to give the stuff to the characters' item bags and then equip the characters from there, possibly having to make room in their bags first to do this, etc. I was always getting that "Your satchel is full!" message in TSS, though. Especially since event items took up some of those 32 precious slots.

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Re: SS Items

Postby Kaiya-Sky » Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:08 am

I liked everyone having thier own items, it was a little annoying at times but it was diffrent and not that bad.

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