LunarNET Music Game Round 1

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LunarNET Music Game Round 1

Postby Sonix » Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:17 pm


This is round 1 of LunarNET Music Game. All you have to do is guess which games these 10 songs belong to. 1 point is given for every correct guess, 0.5 points for guessing the series, but not the game itself. No points are deducted for guessing wrong. In the event a song is used in more than 1 game, the full point will be awarded for naming any game it is from.

Send your guesses in a PM to me. Please DO NOT post them in the topic for everyone to see. Feel free to guess only the ones you know; however, a wrong guess locks you out from further guesses on that song. I will post a score league table every time I get a PM. Don't spoil it. Results for all rounds will be collated here

_______________________________ROUND INFORMATION_______________________

This round's theme is mixed. The audio file includes 10 songs, each 25 seconds long.
It can be found here.

________________________________ROUND STATS_____________________________

Current round scores (please note that some scores may increase later due to pending answers):

Nobiyuki77 - 6

Dark_Fairy - 4

Kaiya-Sky - 3

Number of times songs were correctly guessed:

Song #1 -- 1 (+1 series guess)
Song #2 -- 0
Song #3 -- 0
Song #4 -- 3
Song #5 -- 1 (+1 series guess)
Song #6 -- 1
Song #7 -- 1
Song #8 -- 1
Song #9 -- 2
Song #10 -- 2


This is a forum game I play(ed) on 2 different forums and its been liked on both of them. We'll see how it goes over here. When this round ends, anyone can host round 2, just say so. If you have any questions, just ask them here.
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