Super Mario Maker makes many of my dreams come true!!!!!!

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Super Mario Maker makes many of my dreams come true!!!!!!

Postby jay_are » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:47 pm

I got Super Mario Maker at launch.
In truth, i've always been a big fan of the original Super Mario Bros since before I knew how to speak.
When computers and romhacks became really popular, I got to make a romhack with modified Super Mario Bros levels, which I would then make my friends play for torture and laughs, even though it was only intended for me to play since it was so difficult only I knew how to beat the levels. I'd even pay money to whoever did my challenges! :lol:

Now, this has become doable and i've shared lots of levels online with my friends! This is reaaal fun to me.
Anyone who wants to try my levels, if you have the game, let me know and I'll post here.
But there's more...

With amiibos, you can turn Super Mario into different characters... like Samus or MegaMan, and the sound effects will change to match the character. (Game physics remain the same though, no shooting, just jump and run)

That's the CLOSEST THING I will ever see to my current profile gif!
If there was a Hiro amiibo, it could be done. Almost. :lol:
In fact, I'm all motivated to draw random Lunar + Super Mario Maker gifs and post here or tumblr or something.

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Re: Super Mario Maker makes many of my dreams come true!!!!!

Postby Kizyr » Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:31 pm

Super Mario Maker is the game that makes me most want to get a Wii U (at MAGClassic last weekend, a few people had it, so I got to see it in action and play it for a bit). I've always loved the Mario series -- at least, the platformers (SM1-3, SMW, etc.) -- so this is great. I'm also a big fan of the notoriously-difficult Kaizo Mario World / Super Kaizo World ( version. KF

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Re: Super Mario Maker makes many of my dreams come true!!!!!

Postby Dark_Fairy » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:27 am

Super Mario Maker is great! I watched some people play it on Youtube and I decided I needed to get it. I've been playing it for a few days now and I do not regret the purchase! I have a 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo currently being shipped to me so I can use the Big Mushroom for my leveling creating. I hate that I had to buy another Amiibo, after I decided Lucina was going to be my last Amiibo until Falco came out. Oh well. Another figure for my collection I suppose. And at least this one will serve a purpose for me unlike my other Amiibos that are currently pretty figures on my shelf. :P

What's great about Super Mario Maker though is that there are so many different types of levels everyone creates with all kinds of difficulty and creativity. The random levels I get while doing the 100 lives mario challenge are almost always unique from one stage to the next.

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