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For discussion of rumors of any new Lunar games, including the nonexistent Lunar 3
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I think this is really funny...Ya know i'm gonna grab me some popcorn. :lol:
Okay, Hacker, listen up. I am tired of your fake assumptions! What is your problem?! Do you just like to mess with 14 year olds, who KNOW they don't lie to people at a site they consider HOME?!! PM ME NOW!

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... I dunno whether to hug you all or cower in fear...
This is just too funny... Hee hee...
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Insydius wrote:
MiaOne wrote:Insydius, what are you laughing at? :evil:

N07h!NG j00 \/\/3NC|-|1111111111111 :x

Nice Xenogears av, Insydius! bart rox....his omnigear is the best gear next to Fei's Xenogear.

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Sometimes I wonder about you, AC!

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