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Dark Sin
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Post by Dark Sin »

Yo what up dis your boi Dark Sin. and i have been lookin all over the site for a lunar site that is worth going to. and this one looks like it is worth it. man i am a huge fan of Lunar and evea since the Sega-CD games i been like hot damn.

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Pao Hunter
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Post by Magus00 »

welcome nice to uhh hav you abord :)
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Post by Moonshadow »

Ick....ghetto slang. Well....I'll try to put up with it....welcome aboard. :cry:
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Post by Genocide »

Yo whatup foo. Yeah we keep it live at Lunar-Net, fo sho. Glad to have you apart of da click, ya hur me.

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Post by Etherest »

Yo What up dog?... :? ...uh...Hi, and welcome...
Okay, Hacker, listen up. I am tired of your fake assumptions! What is your problem?! Do you just like to mess with 14 year olds, who KNOW they don't lie to people at a site they consider HOME?!! PM ME NOW!

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Post by Chris »

Welcome to Lunar-Net!

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Post by MiaOne »


Haha...please say you're always going to talk like that. We need another Mog around here.

Welcome aboard!!!
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