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This board contains all rules and major announcements for the forum.
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General Account Usage

Post by GhaleonOne »

General Account Usage

These rules have been made after much experience with the boards. They are meant to help everyone enjoy these forums; so, as long as you respect your fellow posters and maintain a PG-13 standard (we do get younger audiences viewing the site) then there should be no problems. Also, the admins on the board look at intentions. So as long as we know you're making an effort to get along with everyone here, we'll give more chances--in other words, if you "accidentally" break one of the rules, then don't worry.

LunarNET also reserves the right to change the rules without notice; although, if there is a significant change then most likely one of the admins will make a post about it.

For convenience here are a few of the acronyms used:
MB - Message Board
PM - Private Message: Click the PM button below a user's post, or click on the "You have X new messages" button at the top of the page to send a PM to someone.
RP - Role-play
IM - Instant Message (usually AIM)
AAG - Almost Anything Goes board: This is the main "general discussion" board
Sig - Signature

1) Using Your Account

Please make sure you are the only user of your account. Do not lend your account to anyone, since if they start breaking rules then you will be held accountable for it. Besides which, new accounts are free to obtain.

2) Warning and Banning

In general, nobody at LunarNET wants to ban people. We've only had to ban a handful in the last few years, and all repeatedly caused problems.

If you happen to break one of the rules, most likely one of the admins will issue you a warning--either in the thread or via PM. If the problem continues, you will be notified by PM or Email. The last resort before banning is to temporarily suspend an account for an indefinite time (between three days to a week or more).

If you are banned, it is supposed to be permanent. Also, only in extreme cases will you be outright banned. This includes, but is not limited to, posting pornography or hentai (including very graphic role-playing or fanfics), blatant racism, sexism, or bigotry (this includes bigotry towards religion and sexual orientation), and personal threats against other users.

If you feel a banning was in error (or, of course, if someone somehow signed onto your account without your knowledge and made the offending post) then inform us via email and we will try to work it out.

3) About Admins

There are four main admins on the board (GhaleonOne, Kizyr, Sonic#, and Pisces). Most of the time they will be the ones to issue warnings and take action. If they happen to give a warning, or if they request that you pay attention to a particular rule (e.g., if they say you're posting too many one-liners, but don't issue a warning) then, if you respond, please do not respond rudely. Flaming itself is against the rules, and flaming one of the admins usually won't help your case any.

The admins also have veto power over one another. So, even though an action is taken by one admin, it will most likely be supported by the others. However, if you have a problem with a particular admin, we request that you handle it via PM.

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