Sigs and Avatars

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Sigs and Avatars

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Sigs and Avatars

Having inappropriate or excessively-big signature or avatars won't get you a warning. But if it is causing other users difficulty, one of the admins will notify you and request that you to change your sig or avatar. (If the avatar or sig happens to be offensive, more than likely an admin will still give you the chance to change it before deleting them.) If you continue to post after having been asked to change your sig/avatar or scale their sizes down, then one of the admins will delete them.

Of course, in extreme cases you may be warned or banned for obviously inappropriate sig/avatar contents. But if it's just too big then don't worry about it and simply scale it down.

If you don't have a program to scale down the size, we recommend IrfanView . It's a freeware program that's very small (around a 500KB download) that allows you to convert all types of image formats and rescale images. If you happen to have a GIF or animated GIF that you need to reduce the size of, then check out GifWorks , an online and freeware GIF editor that requires no download.

1) Same PG-13 Content Applies

The same rules that apply to post content applies to sigs and avatars as well. So, as usual, no graphic sigs or avatars that would violate the rules on content, profanity, etc.

2) Keep Sig and Avatar Sizes Down

Not everyone here has a great connection, and some access the board using mobile or dial-up. So please be considerate and keep the images in your sig down to 40KB total, preferably lower (like around 20KB). Any larger than that tends to yield very slow load times for those on slower connections.

There is already a size limit on avatars, but in case that ever changes then please keep avatar sizes down below 30KB.

3) Keep Sig and Avatar Height×Width Down

Not everyone uses the same resolution. So please be considerate and keep sig widths down to 600 pixels or less, and keep the heights down to 250 pixels or less. If the sig is excessively wide, then it causes everyone on a lower resolution to have to scroll left and right to view every single post in that thread (which is extremely annoying), and if it is excessively tall then it tends to overshadow your post.

There is also already a height×width limit on avatars, but in case this ever changes then please keep the size down to 200 pixels high and 130 pixels wide.

4) Be Careful About Off-Site Images

If you're hosting your own images--e.g., on your own AOL, GeoCities, Yahoo, or University webspace--then there's no problem linking your sig pics and avatars off-site. [EDIT: AOL and GeoCities, yeah, this site has been around that long.]

But, if you're linking them off of another site--like another message board,,,,, etc.--then make certain that you have permission to do so. If we receive a complaint about someone here using up the bandwidth from another server, then we'll have no choice but to delete your sig/avatar first and then ask you to change to a new one.

Keep in mind, though, that you do have the option of uploading your avatar to LunarNET. That'll solve half of the problem.

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