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Posting in Appropriate Forums

Post by GhaleonOne »

Posting in Appropriate Forums

This is just a general guideline on where a few of your posts should go. If you post one thing, or start a new thread, in the wrong forum then one of the admins will more than likely just move it. It's not like there will be warnings or anything, but this is just here so that you're not looking around wondering "where did my topic go?"

Also, don't post in multiple boards to get more readers. Most people on the forums check all the boards with new posts--or just use the "View Posts since my Last Visit" option--so they'll still see it no matter what board it's in. The different boards are just meant to make things easier to find.

1) Keep Polls in the Polls Section

If you're asking a poll-like question, please keep it in the Polls board. Examples are simple ones like "what's your favourite character", "what's the best Lunar game", or "who would win in a fight: Mystere or a Dinosaur-Riding Ninja with Febreeze".

You don't have to use the "Poll Question" feature, by the way. You can just have a more open-ended question.

2) Keep Excessive Role-Playing within Introductions

Refer to #7 in the Posting Rules topic.

3) Keep Weblinks in the Arts Section

The Arts is meant to show off all your own stuff. So if you have a website you want to shamelessly plug, feel free to do so there.

The Arts is also for fanart, fanfics, message boards, and a host of other things that you just want to brag about.

4) Keep Introductions in the Introductions Section

This sounds obvious, but for someone who's new to the forums it's easy sometimes to skip over that board and just post in the AAG section. Please keep your introductions (and, if you want, your "I'm Leaving" posts) in the Introductions section.

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