Lunar Playthrough Parts 5 and 6 - A Magic Emperor Unmasked

For discussion of Lunar: Silver Star Story, the remake of Lunar 1 for Saturn/Playstation/PC and all its translations
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Lunar Playthrough Parts 5 and 6 - A Magic Emperor Unmasked

Post by Sonic# »

So I've played effectively through the following:
Defeating Dragonmaster Zoc
Discovering the false Lemia as Xenobia, as well as the other two sisters
Journeying to Quark with Ghaleon
Ghaleon revealing himself as the Magic Emperor, enslaving Quark, and kidnapping Luna
Fights in Meribia, Vane, and Lanza.

A few observations:

On the hags, when I avoid the one in Black Rose Street, the one north of Saith gives me nothing. After conquering Meribia, I tried talking to the one on Black Rose Street, and all she did is threaten to eat Nall.

Jessica's a funny character. I never remember her as a very active party member, but in these sections of the game she's really active. Her introduction especially is as a community organizer. While other characters are implied to be leaders (especially Mia and Kyle), it's only Jessica who we really see trying to lead at this point. Meanwhile, Kyle is the only character who does not have at least two big plot events prior to the Magic Emperor - even Jessica is seen twice, once by herself and once with Mel. The small transitions already demonstrated for other characters is a development I like. Poor Kyle is drunk once and in combative drag once, though I guess he also has a whole town of NPCs who talk a lot about him.

Zoc was pretty easy. Alex was at level 14, and I was able to avoid most of the battles on Lann Island by basically walking in straight lines from one untrapped chest to the next. I also had two healers for the last time in the game. (Barring using Alex as a very expensive healer.)

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