LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Sales Figures

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LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Sales Figures

Post by GhaleonOne »

The first week of sales are in from and they actually look pretty good. At 42,960 copies purchased, the first week of sales in North America are more than the entire sales of the Japan release so far. Japan has seen in the neighborhood of 30k sold. This is all according to the sales charts on anyways. Not sure how accurate, but if those numbers are correct, that's not too bad for a PSP game at all. With all the rumors of "if this sells well, expect more Lunar", who knows what the future has in store for us!


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Re: LUNAR: Silver Star Harmony Sales Figures

Post by Soul »

I really do hope the sales go well for this. After playing my first Lunar game WHICH was Lunar Silver Star Harmony, I am very curious to what Lunar 2 is like and would love to play it. So for that reason alone I hope this remake gets a lot of attention.

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