21 more music tracks from Eternal Blue

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21 more music tracks from Eternal Blue

Post by Kizyr »

Apparently we had several music tracks from the Sega CD Eternal Blue missing from our music section -- specifically, from the "PCM Files" section with music taken directly from the game disc. This has now been corrected, and the EB music page has 21 additional tracks that weren't there before!

This includes:
061 - Justice (Leo's theme)
070 - Gwyn's Boat (when riding Gwyn's boat)
072 - Heart-Shaped Tears (when Lucia rescues the party at Zulan)
144 - Vane after Victory (Vane after Zophar's defeat)
152 - Holding On (Lemina's theme)
201 - Eternal Blue Instrumental (opening credits)
264 - Outtakes
and more!

We even have a couple of new track lists put together. So, check out our music page for all the new stuff here:
Lunar: Eternal Blue - Music

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Re: 21 more music tracks from Eternal Blue

Post by Zhane Masaki »

Using the tracks I already had, I compiled two rips: one for the Japanese Mega-CD, and one with the US tracks.

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