MSPARP: A Roleplay Chat Service

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MSPARP: A Roleplay Chat Service

Post by nadiaff »

So three or four years ago I built a webpage with a friend for roleplaying. It was primarily intended for this webcomic called Homestuck, but you can use it for anything really. It's called MSPARP and while I wouldn't recommend using the current website for a number of reasons, we are almost done with a recode of it that might be nice for people to use if they want to do a text-based RP in a web browser.

The current website is at but if people on this board are interested, I will totally let you on the vastly superior beta of the recode (just message me about it and I'll give you a link.) I dunno if people still roleplay on here, but it would make me really happy if there were Lunar roleplayers on the site. RPing Lunar was how I first started out after all. u_u

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Re: MSPARP: A Roleplay Chat Service

Post by Kizyr »

Is this something like an evolution of MUDs? What's the thing that makes this useful for RPing specifically?

I'm asking out of sheer curiosity -- sounds interesting but I don't know where to begin. KF

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