LUNAR series Clay figure

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LUNAR series Clay figure

Post by rikiyo1985 »

Hi,everyone,I'm RIKI.
I'm from china,LUNAR is a fond memory of my childhood,I LOVE LUNAR
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the LUNAR series in 2022,
I am going to ask someone to make clay figures of all the characters in LUNAR.
Now we have completed 3 roles, please take a look.
I will finish the clay figures for all characters by 2022.
My Twitter account is @sagafarland, please follow me.
微信图片_20201104084941-gigapixel-scale-2_00x.jpg (2.14 MiB) Viewed 1926 times
微信图片_20201104084945-gigapixel-scale-2_00x.jpg (1.97 MiB) Viewed 1926 times

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Re: LUNAR series Clay figure

Post by Alunissage »

Hello! I have seen your tweets about the figures from accounts I follow -- I was amazed that Mr. Iwadare retweeted them! I don't read much Japanese but I will follow you for more news.

A question: Alex has green eyes, and this was important in the first Lunar game on Megadrive CD. Do you think your artist could give him green eyes?

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Re: LUNAR series Clay figure

Post by MaroonChan »

Oh those are super cute and awesome!

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Re: LUNAR series Clay figure

Post by ShugoHanasaki »

Those are absolutely adorable!
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Re: LUNAR series Clay figure

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