Lunar eternal blue touch?!

For discussion of the iOS platform version of Lunar.
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Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by jos24 »

On the Somoga website you can see the notice about some games that will be announced in spring of this year, among which are old and new games that will also be released in various plattforms

“NEWS: SoMoGa goes multiplatform

January 2024

After years in the making, SoMoGa is announcing it will bring titles both old and new beyond iOS, beginning with the Android version of Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch, which can be downloaded now on Amazon App Store or Google Play Store

Additional details will be announced shortly, and we're working on bringing other titles to new platforms, too. Stay tuned - more on that soon!

Latest news

SoMoGa is going multiplatform!”
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Re: Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by Omegazero108 »

If they do Eternal Blue, it's potentially at risk of being JP Voices only for similar reasons to why SSST has SSH dub voices and JP SSSC voices

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Re: Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by Shiva Indis »

It's great to see Somoga still invested in a game that they put on the market so long ago. It does make me hopeful that they might expand their catalog.

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Re: Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by Alunissage »

I'm OK with JP voices, though there are a couple of running-from-battle voice clips that I'd miss from EBC.

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Re: Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by MaroonChan »

I've always hoped they would and still do. I'd take whatever voices I could get honestly.

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Re: Lunar eternal blue touch?!

Post by jay_are »

I doubt we will see Eternal Blue at all for smartphones.
The reason SSST exists is because they already had those voices / audio / etc and were willing to turn it into a budget port.
But they would NEVER hire voice talent JUST to also release a budget port :P If they did Eternal Blue, they will have to hire voice talent because they don't have the rights to the PS1 audio, same reason as SSH / SSST. And they wouldn't do that unless they were investing in a real port or remake of the game, like SSH, for consoles / PC, and then maybe a phone port based off of that years later at which point we wont care anymore since we'd have console versions.
........... unless they just release it with JP voices and subtitles? Oh god please no.

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